Set It and Forget It: Easy Slow Cooker Appetizers

Set It and Forget It: Easy Slow Cooker Appetizers

Set⁣ It

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My name ⁢is Sami, and I ⁣am thrilled to share with you some easy and‍ delicious slow⁢ cooker appetizer recipes.‌ Whether you’re hosting a party,‌ having a family get-together, or⁢ simply ‍looking for a tasty treat, these “set it and forget it” recipes are perfect ⁣for ⁢any ‌occasion. With minimal effort and ‌maximum flavor, these slow cooker appetizers will surely be a hit!

Slow Cooker Kielbasa Bites

If you’re ⁤a‌ fan of savory and slightly sweet appetizers, you’re in for a⁣ treat! These Slow Cooker Kielbasa⁤ Bites are incredibly ⁤easy to make and are guaranteed to be a hit at your next party.

Here’s what you’ll need:

    • 1 package ‍of kielbasa sausage
    • 1/2 cup of brown sugar
    • 1/2‌ cup of ‍ketchup
    • 1/4 cup of ‌honey
    • 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard
    • 1 teaspoon ​of‍ Worcestershire sauce

To make these delectable bites:

    • Slice the kielbasa sausage into bite-sized pieces.
    • In a bowl, mix ⁢together‍ the brown sugar, ketchup, honey, Dijon mustard, and Worcestershire sauce until well combined.
    • Place the kielbasa sausage‍ and the sauce⁣ mixture into the slow cooker.
    • Cook on low heat for‍ 2-3 hours, or until the sauce thickens and the kielbasa⁣ is heated through.
    • Once ready, serve these irresistible Slow Cooker Kielbasa ⁢Bites on toothpicks for easy ⁢snacking!

These bites are the perfect combination of sweet and smoky flavors, making them a crowd favorite. Your guests won’t be able ⁤to​ resist!

Crock Pot BBQ Turkey Kielbasa & Pineapple

If‌ you’re looking for ​a quick and simple appetizer ​that’s bursting ⁤with flavor, this Crock Pot BBQ Turkey ⁣Kielbasa & Pineapple ‌recipe‍ is just what you need. With only three‌ ingredients, you can create ​a mouthwatering‍ dish that pairs perfectly with rice or enjoyed on its own.

Here’s what you’ll need:

    • 1 package of​ turkey kielbasa
    • 1 cup of barbecue sauce
    • 1 can of pineapple⁤ chunks⁣ (drained)

Here’s how to make it:

    • Slice the turkey kielbasa into ⁢bite-sized pieces.
    • In a bowl, mix ‌together the barbecue sauce and pineapple chunks.
    • Add the sliced turkey kielbasa‍ to the slow cooker.
    • Pour the barbecue sauce and pineapple mixture over the kielbasa.
    • Cook on low heat for 4-6 hours, or‍ until the ⁢flavors have melded together.
    • Once done, serve this lip-smacking Crock Pot BBQ Turkey Kielbasa & Pineapple ‌dish alongside rice or enjoy⁢ it‍ as is.

This ⁤appetizer is a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors, and​ the tender turkey kielbasa complements the juicy pineapple chunks beautifully.


There you ⁤have it, my friends –​ two incredibly easy and delicious slow cooker ‌appetizers that will make your taste buds dance with joy.⁤ These ⁤”set it and forget it”⁢ recipes are not only convenient but also​ incredibly flavorful.

So next time you’re looking for ⁣hassle-free appetizers that ⁢are sure to impress, give these recipes a try! Your guests⁤ will be asking for seconds,⁢ and you’ll have ⁣more time to enjoy their company.

Happy slow cooking!

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