Select Cliq Battery


How to use the Select Cliq Battery

Your Cliq battery comes with a USB to USB-C charging cable that plugs into a port at the bottom. While your battery might already have some juice when you get it, we recommend charging it until the indicator light turns green for best results.

Once charged, all you have to do is insert your Cliq Pod into the appropriate slot on top of the battery. Magnets will bring the two parts together with a satisfying click and the light on the front will light up with the color of your current voltage setting—blue, yellow, or green.

There’s a single button that’s used to change the voltage setting or preheat the coil. select-cliq-battery

  • Click the button three times to change voltage settings, and it will cycle between 2.8v (blue), 3.2v (yellow), and 3.6v (green).
  • Click the button two times and it will preheat the coil to help dislodge any air bubbles that may still be attached to the cotton. This is usually only necessary during cold weather or during extended exposure to the outdoors.

Select Cliq Battery

To hit a Cliq vaporizer, just put it to your mouth and inhale. You should see the indicator light up blue, yellow, or green (depending on your setting) for up to five seconds of continuous draw. After five seconds, the light will blink several times and then fall dim. The Cliq Battery has this safety feature to prevent overheating, which is part of what makes this design so safe.

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Joan Morgan 12/11/2021

We now feel secured as a family, also we paid our last installment today.

Peter Mike 2/11/2021

Once i complete my last installment payment i will order the more, heard a lot about it.

Erick MC 05/05/2021

I was promised free one free after i purchased ten but i did not get the bonus.

Leonard H 01/05/2020

I'm left with only one instalment to be debt free, probably i will complete my payment next week.

Ferdinand Campbell 22/10/2021

I like that payment are made on installments if you buy more.

Charlotte 08/01/2021

I got busted just 2 weeks after buying from them, they didn't do anything to help me, all they said is if i had license they would've helped.

Dominique H 28/06/2021

I saw a mention on Facebook about this, happy i got something to for my family incase of any lockdown.

Jack 07/08/2020

Why will the government let you keep selling something like this to people without license?

Harrieta 07/01/2019

I found them on Google in 2018 so far i have made 3 purchases, thank you.