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The quality oil you’ve come to be aware from Select, presently injected with newly reaped live sap terpenes. The mix brings about a top notch, high intensity oil with a wide assortment of strain-explicit flavor and impacts – so sativas feel seriously invigorating and indicas more lethargic.

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Joan Morgan 12/11/2021

We now feel secured as a family, also we paid our last installment today.

Peter Mike 2/11/2021

Once i complete my last installment payment i will order the more, heard a lot about it.

Erick MC 05/05/2021

I was promised free one free after i purchased ten but i did not get the bonus.

Leonard H 01/05/2020

I'm left with only one instalment to be debt free, probably i will complete my payment next week.

Ferdinand Campbell 22/10/2021

I like that payment are made on installments if you buy more.

Charlotte 08/01/2021

I got busted just 2 weeks after buying from them, they didn't do anything to help me, all they said is if i had license they would've helped.

Dominique H 28/06/2021

I saw a mention on Facebook about this, happy i got something to for my family incase of any lockdown.

Jack 07/08/2020

Why will the government let you keep selling something like this to people without license?

Harrieta 07/01/2019

I found them on Google in 2018 so far i have made 3 purchases, thank you.